Whose Government?

A new poll from CBS News/The New York Times says 89% of Americans distrust government to do the right thing. 89%!

The skepticism is understandable. Things are in a mess, and leaders don’t seem to working together. I wonder if they realize that if they demonstrated some cooperation, many folks might begin to feel increased confidence. Some of them might then decide to spend some money, which would help the economy.

At the same time, I am reminded that the government is not a foreign entity (despite the view of some who seem to see our own government as an invading force). The government is us. We get the government we put in place. Some would say we get the government we deserve.

That may be too harsh, because as both the Tea Party and Occupy protests remind us, there are powerful forces driving much of what happens. It is hard to overcome well-financed interests, who can have outsized impact on elections.

Still, it is our country. I am praying that we all remember this–certainly those with power who may get confused and think it belongs only to them, but also the rest of us who can, if we pull together, create the change we need.

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