Debate Not Over, But We Will Win

For many of us the matter of marriage equality–AKA same-sex, or same-gender, marriage–is settled. No debate.

We just keep working for it to become a reality in Virginia, and everywhere in the world. Personally, I know the day is coming when we will win.

In the meantime, others continue to argue against equality, calling forth strenuous negative arguments based on religion, the U.S. constitution, social custom, and morality.

If you want to hear a lively, civil, debate on the subject, the First Freedom Center has just the event for you. This Sunday, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm, four speakers will debate the topic, “Same-Sex Marriage in Religion, Public Policy and the Constitution.” The event will be held in the VCU Commons Theater, 907 Floyd Avenue.

Speakers include Delegate Bob Marshall (co-sponsor of the anti-marriage Marshall-Newman state constitutional amendment) and Eric Huszar–against marriage equality–and Sarah Warbelow (State Legislative Director for the Human Rights Campaign) and Cameron Hunt (VCU Queer Action, active Episcopalian seminarian-to-be and staffer for People of Faith for Equality in Virginia)–for marriage equality.

It should be a good bit of theater. However, as much as I want to attend, I have a previous commitment. The irony is rich.

I am meeting with a lesbian couple who want me to perform their wedding at MCC Richmond–because their pastor is unable to do so at their church!