Even with BB, I’m Still Praying the Old Way

I use a  Blackberry. In fact, my Blackberry is integral to my life–not as valued as Jonathan or my daughters or Cocoa or even my church or friends, but many days I refer to it more times than I talk to them.

Thanks to BB (when I was a kid, that stood for Brigitte Bardot, not a gun–I was not into guns), I am more organized and more in touch with the totality of my world. Some people report feeling like captives of their BB, but I do not. It does not run my life, but it helps me organize it and keep it organized.

It seems amazing to me that it in 1984 I used a PC for the first time–to write my Master’s thesis, using three 5.25 floppies to record the magnificent creation (and figuring out how to number the pages consecutively between floppies). Now, I attach a 4 gigabyte flash drive (smaller than my old rabbit’s foot) to my belt, and send and receive emails from my phone (barely bigger than a PC mouse).

This is all grand. I am even thinking about an iPhone, or its like (although generally I adopt new technologies slowly).

I still pray the old way. God does not require new technology for connection–although BB helps me remember when I have scheduled time to hook up with God.

Published by

Robin Hawley Gorsline

Robin is a poet (claiming this later in life) and Queer Theologian--reflecting a soul of hope and faith and joy and justice/shalom. He is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Lebolt (20 years and counting), the proud parent of three glorious daughters (and grateful to two wonderful sons-in- law and a new one soon!), and the very proud "Papa" to Juna (6) and Annie (3).

One thought on “Even with BB, I’m Still Praying the Old Way”

  1. Hi Pastor Robin, my 2cents worth on the phones is I switched from BB to the IPhone and love my IPhone. It is way easier! Email, surfing, getting information in a snap, and the keyboard is bigger – way easier on aging eyes.
    Droids I do not know from. Still praying the same. Love and prayers to you and Jonathan and the church. Peace, John.

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