Even with BB, I’m Still Praying the Old Way

I use a  Blackberry. In fact, my Blackberry is integral to my life–not as valued as Jonathan or my daughters or Cocoa or even my church or friends, but many days I refer to it more times than I talk to them.

Thanks to BB (when I was a kid, that stood for Brigitte Bardot, not a gun–I was not into guns), I am more organized and more in touch with the totality of my world. Some people report feeling like captives of their BB, but I do not. It does not run my life, but it helps me organize it and keep it organized.

It seems amazing to me that it in 1984 I used a PC for the first time–to write my Master’s thesis, using three 5.25 floppies to record the magnificent creation (and figuring out how to number the pages consecutively between floppies). Now, I attach a 4 gigabyte flash drive (smaller than my old rabbit’s foot) to my belt, and send and receive emails from my phone (barely bigger than a PC mouse).

This is all grand. I am even thinking about an iPhone, or its like (although generally I adopt new technologies slowly).

I still pray the old way. God does not require new technology for connection–although BB helps me remember when I have scheduled time to hook up with God.