Can Anyone Be More Blessed?

I had the most wonderful birthday. I spent it in two cities, with different parts of my family–each time was very special.

If you read my last post–Go Charlie! Go Hoyas! on October 8–you know Jonathan and I were in Washington last Friday and Saturday to watch our grandnephew Charlie play football for Georgetown. Thirteen of Charlie’s family members gathered and we had a great time before, during, and after the game (sadly, Georgetown lost in overtime).

Jonathan and me at the Washington Monument

Part of the fun was the dinner we shared Saturday night–where I, with Charlie, was guest of honor. It has been a long time since all three of my daughters, and my sister and much of her family gathered to celebrate my birthday. It was very special.

Then, on Sunday, my actual birthday, I was surprised at church when the congregation sang to me as we began worship. I was very moved.

I am so blessed by my families–all of them.

And I thank God for them–clearly God brought me into my birth family, and then God brought me wonderful daughters (thank you, Judy, too!), and then God brought me Jonathan, and most recently God brought me to Richmond to my MCC family.

Can anyone be more blessed than I am?