Go Charlie! Go Hoyas!

Jonathan and I go to Washington, D.C. today for a wonderful family gathering.

What brings us to our nation’s capital? A young man by the name of Charlie Dann.

Charlie is my grandnephew–the son of my niece Alyssa Lenhoff and the grandson of my sister and brother-in-law, Nancy and Bentley Lenhoff. I was there when he was born–on Christmas Day in 1991–to Jewish parents in Youngstown, Ohio. He plays football, as a first year student, at Georgetown University–#66.

I am excited to see family–including our daughters and son-in-law–and I am thrilled to be part of the Charlie Dann Fan Club. He is an amazing fellow. Not only a big guy who can hold his own on the field, he also is very smart.

Maybe the thing I like best about him is his authenticity. He can mix it up on the field and he can mix it up in the classroom. He so impressed the Provost of Georgetown University during a conversation that focused on educational theory that now Charlie has an internship in the Provost’s office (as a first year student!). And he has the sweetest, most honest nature of anyone I know.

When I think of Charlie, I do not fear for my country or the world. Thank you, God, for Charlie.

And, oh yes, Go Hoyas!