It’s Our Turn Now

 October 6 is a big day for progressive church folk everywhere. It was on that date in 1968 that Rev. Troy Perry led the first worship service of what would become the global Christian movement known as Metropolitan Community Churches.    

MCC Richmond leaders at Church Size Summit: (l-r) Pastor Robin, Tom Barks, David Wilson, JR Adams, Elaine German

But we are not just about celebrating anniversaries–important though they are. MCC is also moving forward. 

For example, this past weekend, leaders from 15 MCC congregations in the eastern U.S. gathered in Washington, D.C. for a Church Size Summit. While there, we learned about how the size of the worshipping congregation affects the church structure and program–and we learned how to begin to change to become more effective.  
 And, in a first, on October 5 and 6, the pastors of four Virginia MCC churches gathered in Richmond for a 24-hour retreat. We spent the time talking about our calls, our churches, and our plans for the future. And because it felt so good to share collegially, we have agreed to meet again this winter.
Both of these events remind us that our work is just beginning, that God is calling us to build new networks of faith and action.  

Thank you, Troy, and all the other pioneers, for getting us started. Now, its up to us to carry on and move forward.