A Love Triangle that Always Works

The Pastoral Care Ministry Team and I spent some time last evening talking about a “ménage à trois.”

Oh, not exactly the usual sense of that term, but still a “love triangle.” That is, we explored what it means, when we engage in caring for another person, that God is present with us and the person for whom we are offering care: care giver, care receiver, and God.

Later, as I sat with Jonathan reviewing our respective days, it occurred to me that God was present in our family room. “We are not alone here,” I thought. Of course, Cocoa was nearby, too, but for a moment or two I really felt God’s presence.

It was just an ordinary evening in our home, nothing particularly dramatic or difficult–both of us tired from long days, but still feeling blessed to be together.

What would it be like if I recognized God’s presence in each encounter of every day? Would not I be more at peace? Would I not see divine qualities in the other people that I never noticed before?

And what if we each did this, and it spread beyond us to others? Might there be more peace, more joy, more trust, more love,  in the world?