A New Kind of Holy Object?

Recently, I stopped wearing my distinctive, long,  dangling earrings.

The transition was not difficult, but I knew I did not want to let the holes in my ears fill back in from lack of use. So I began trying to remember to wear them once in a while.

Then, during a meeting with my spiritual director, we discussed prayer beads and other aids to prayer. Later, I wondered, “Could my earrings be used like prayer beads?”

So I tried it. It was great. I have always felt inspired by God to wear showy earrings. Here I was, wearing them during my most intimate time with God!

But sometimes I would forget to put on a pair before praying. I didn’t like getting up to go back to the bedroom, especially in the morning when I might disturb Jonathan, to get them.

Then, more inspiration. If they are prayer earrings, then why not keep them in my study, by my prayer desk, near the cross on the wall and other religious items? So, I moved them, holy objects that they are, to my home prayer space, still on the ingenuous frame my daughters made for me years ago (see picture).

What joy, each time I pray, to choose which pair to wear! God and I have some fun with that.

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