Creating Family

We create family wherever we can.

I am part of a group that works well together, even when we have significant disagreements (which happens from time to time). We engage in spirited debate, even sometimes raising our voices or saying things that are not helpful. Yet, I observe that we instinctively, as individuals and a group, seek common ground.

What causes us to interact this way? Some observers, without a spiritual lens, might say we are simply avoiding conflict.

On the other hand, I see the work of the Holy Spirit, empowering and guiding us to create a win-win situation. Creating win-win is a spiritual process, resting on our recogntion that not only is there truth in what we say but also there is truth in what the other person, with whom we disagree, says. Our assumption is that God calls us to addition not subtraction when dealing with each other.

In that process, we create trust, which means that the next time our process can work better than the last time. That’s how we create family, where once there was only a group needing to work together.