Never Again.

I went to a fundraising reception last night at a private home. It was an interesting mix of people–LGBT activists, philanthropists and community leaders, religious folks, and State Senator Don McEachin. There was lots of laughter. I enjoyed seeing community friends I see too rarely.  The wine  and the hors d’oeuvres were excellent.

Pink triangle (signifying "homosexual") on shirt of concentration camp inmate

But our reason for being together was serious. We were raising funds to support the local showing of an exhibition from the United States Holocaust Museum focused on the experience of “homosexuals” in Nazi Germany. The exhibit will be displayed at the Gay Community Center of Richmond (GCCR) for about two months, beginning September 19.

We can all be grateful to Jim Schuyler of Congregation Beth Ahabah and Jay Squires and Greg Johnson from GCCR for their leadership in bringing this gift to Richmond.

Never again. That is the cry of people everywhere in the face of genocide. Yet it goes on–in Darfur, e.g. Has there been a time in modern world history when some group is not trying to eliminate another?

It is hard to accept such depravity, and painful to look at it. Yet, we must not look away. 

Instead, we must be witnesses, and call others to witness, too. It is the best way to claim our common humanity.

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