Loving Our Neighbors

There is great division in the country about the passage of health care reform.

I am not divided. I am elated.

This nation has taken a major step in the direction of making sure that our national security is protected.  A nation of sick people is not a safe nation.

This nation has chosen to invest not just in technology and commerce–both essential, of course–but also in its people. Healthy people–people who don’t have to worry about being wiped out by illness and people who are not afraid to get the care they need–make the best workers and citizens.

I am not a legal scholar, so I cannot make a sophisticated argument about the Commerce Clause.

However, I am religious scholar and I can make a well-educated statement about the Bible: there is more emphasis, in both testaments, about caring for the widows, orphans, aliens, poor than any other single thing. And throughout both texts is an emphasis on the well-being of the community, not just individuals.

I am elated: we are moving towards keeping the second half of the Great Commandment, to love our neighbors as ourselves.