What about the Bible?

On this day, in 1457, the Gutenberg Bible was published, becoming the first book printed by mechanical means.

Today, in English alone, the Bible is available in hundreds of versions, not to mention as books on tape and in animated and other film versions. The Bible is everywhere.

And yet it also seems to be nowhere.

Sometimes I despair that people actually read the Bible, or if they do, that they really engage it. For example, people have told me that the church Bible readings for that day were too long (from these conversations, I think that a total of 25 verses for two readings are the maximum they can handle).

Reading the Bible requires attention. It requires thought and reflection. This is especially so if you believe, as I do, that it contains many layers of meaning.

I do not doubt the human writers of the Bible were divinely inspired. But it seems clear to me that they often fell far short of what God was inspiring them to say. The truth is that God is still speaking today and the Bible helps me discern God’s message now.

That’s why it is important to engage the Bible daily, and to take some time doing so. The treasure is too great for occasionally dipping in for a brief visit.