Six Geese Laying . . . What?

The sixth day of Christmas……six geese a-laying. I have never seen a goose lay an egg, but I do know that when they swim they look serene on top of the water even as they are paddling furiously underneath. And why do we often speak of someone who fails at something as having laid an egg?

Some tradition says the geese and their laying refer to the six days of creation. The account of creation in Genesis makes it seem a little like that–God utters a word or two and things appear. It all sounds so easy, like the goose swimming serenely on the pond.

I do not doubt that God can do that, but I suspect God spends some time getting things ready before the divine utterance, and that the process was/is not entirely serene.  Of course, creation continues to this very day.

And today is the fifth day of Kwanzaa, when we focus on Nia (NEE-yah), encouraging us to look within ourselves and to set personal goals that are beneficial to the community.

Perhaps we can bring these two days together by asking God to help us be as creative as possible in setting goals for ourselves and our community/ies–goals that honor the entirety of God’s creation.

In other words, to help us avoid laying an egg . . . . . a big goose egg.