Four Calling Evangelists?

On the 4th day of Christmas . . . .four calling birds? What kind of true love would give you four calling birds?

What does one do with four calling birds? In winter, presumably in the house? Buy a cage, and be prepared to leave when the noise becomes too much?

Some say this song is not nonsense, even though the gifts often seem silly (but not five golden rings).  They say that the numbers refer to various spiritual items.

For instance, four calling birds actually refers to the four canonical gospels. The four evangelists who wrote these books are like calling birds, saying to us, “Come, follow Jesus.”

I hope you are hearing that call today in your life.

The twelve days of Christmas are a prime time to heed the call. Don’t let the Christmas spirit die out in you; instead, stay tuned to it, feeling it more deeply after the busy-ness of Christmas has slowed.

If it helps to hum the well-known tune, please do so. If nothing else, its sprightly melody can lift your spirits (if you need that) or keep them up.

Most of all, remember this is only Day Four, and some of the best stuff is yet to come.

Merry Christmas!