Running on Empty

Yesterday, as I arrived at a meeting–20 minutes late–I noticed that my car’s gas gauge registered “Empty.” The little gas pump icon was lighted, telling me the tank was really low.

After the meeting, a friend followed me to the nearest gas station just to make sure I got there. I think my car has a 15-gallon tank; I put in 15.2 gallons.

Sometimes, life is like that, too. The spiritual tank gets very low, if not empty–maybe even more than empty (going into negative energy).

When that happens in my life, I need to slow down. Get quiet. Listen. Ask God to help me see what is draining me. Ask God to help me change what needs changing in my life.

I am often tempted to blame others–“I have so much to do,” “This is a busy time and I can’t slow down”–but in reality only I can change my life. And I do that best, in ways that are enduring and deep, when I let God help.

My spiritual fill-up often comes when I am on my knees. I don’t have to go anywhere.

Where do you fill up?