In the Pink

This Sunday, many Christian churches will light the third Advent candle, the pink one symbolizing joy. The eastern sky this morning was awash in pinks. A friend said recently he was feeling “in the pink.”

On the other hand, Nazis used pink triangles to mark “homosexuals.” I also think of that pink today as I read about the proposed law in Uganda to kill queer folks just for being, and to imprison anyone else who helps them.

According to some sources, pink is the color of universal love. A pink carnation is said to mean, “I will never forget you” (which is how I feel about the gay men slaughtered in Germany).

Color coded Nazi triangle system -- homosexuals in fifth column

In 1954, my mother decorated our upstairs bathroom entirely in pink–pretty daring for the time. I loved it, which probably should have been a clue for the way I turned out!

Pink is a mixing of red and white. White symbolizes fullness, and red is the energy to get you there. So pink, while a soft color, has its own special energy.

I am going to meditate on pink today–remembering my lost siblings in Germany, sending love to Uganda, and preparing for the joy I know is coming.

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