Celebrate, Yes! And Agitate, too.

Gay Pride Virginia promises to be a wonderful event at the Gay Community Center of Richmond this Saturday.

As we celebrate ourselves, we also know that the laws in Virginia are not at all favorable, or even neutral, toward LGBT people. We can feel overwhelmed at the difficulties we face on the road to liberation–even when we know, as I do, that those laws will one day be overturned.

It is easy to forget, as we bemoan our own situation, that there are other places where laws are even more repressive and homophobic violence is normal. Like Jamaica.

Check out this video, from Rev. Robert Griffin of Sunshine Cathedral MCC in Ft. Lauderdale. Robert is a dear friend who works closely with our LGBT siblings in Jamaica.

As we in Central Virginia prepare for Gay Pride Virginia this Saturday, let us remember that simply holding a Pride event is a blessing not shared by others. And let us use this event not only to celebrate but also to agitate for change– for ourselves, and for our siblings who are even less free.