Thanks, Ellen.

Remember April 30, 1997?

ellen-degeneresDid you watch “Ellen” on ABC that night, as Ellen DeGeneres came out?

Only 12 years ago. Think how much the world has changed.

And the pace of change is only accelerating. Four states now legalize same-gender marriage (42% of Americans now support it — up 9% in one month!)

A friend sent me an article from St. Louis, about how big names in that city are coming out. When I read it, I thought of Marge Connelly, a senior executive at Capital One, who did this in Richmond some years ago. And Bevel Dean, Clerk of the Richmond City Courts, who this year spoke up for the inevitability and rightness of same-gender marriage in Virginia. And Adam Ebben, who ran and won four years ago as the first openly gay member of the Virginia General Assembly.

Who will be next?

To whom do you need to come out? Its not just important people who make a difference. All of us–including straight allies–matter.

God, grant me courage to do my part.