A Preacher’s Son Comes Out

Its not what you think. . . . . but in some ways more important.

The preacher is Jay Bakker . . . . . as in son of Jim and Tammy Faye. He’s a straight ally, one of the best. Here, he’s preaching at a self-identified gospel church.

Watch this.

If you hear the power of his heart,  feel the power of his testimony, feel awed by his courage, think of where you might add your voice, your testimony, and make a difference. Today.

Published by

Robin Hawley Gorsline

Robin is a poet (claiming this later in life) and Queer Theologian--reflecting a soul of hope and faith and joy and justice/shalom. He is happily married to Dr. Jonathan Lebolt (20 years and counting), the proud parent of three glorious daughters (and grateful to two wonderful sons-in- law and a new one soon!), and the very proud "Papa" to Juna (6) and Annie (3).

2 thoughts on “A Preacher’s Son Comes Out”

  1. It is even more moving to me when someone stands up for justice and has so much to lose. In MCC we don’t lose our ministry or our friends for standing up for justice … but the silence in that church just spoke volumes to me of how much he (Jay Bakker) is putting on the line. I just pray that, even in the silence, God is speaking to their hearts.

  2. Wow. The silence of that crowd came thru loud and clear and I could hear Jay’s spirit drop to the floor. I do not know Jay Bakker, but I hope he is genuine and expressing his true feelings and thoughts and not just trying to ride whatever train happens to be on the track of today. I have reservations when it comes to TV, evangelical, type preachers as being genuine. Because I cannot help but question if they are for real or just in it for the fame and money like I feel Jay’s parents were.

    My first impression of Jay caught me again questioning my own self. As I was watching the video, I thught, how credible could this guy be as a leader in ministry when he must have missed the day they taught the chapter on “to be of clean mind and body” with his body covered in tatoos and metal piercings. And those were just what was visible, who knows what lies beneath, that which is not visible. But then I had to stop and think to myself, why should I be taking a simple phrase and using it against Jay when I do not like it when others take a different phrase from the bible and use it against me? It is so easy to take what we have been taught or learned and suddenly use it against someone else. Perhaps it’s inherent in human behavior, but the difference is in those who know enough to stop and think before they speak aloud.

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