God in the Dirt

I was on my knees yesterday, praising God.

dirt-and-plant1I had already said my morning prayers, kneeling at the prayer desk in my study, and I did not intend to do it again an hour later. But there I was, in our front yard, on my hands and knees digging in the dirt, when I felt a very powerful connection with God.

Oh, the joy! I often say that gardening is a spiritual practice for me. In that moment, I felt it. There is something about getting my hands in God’s earth that speaks to my soul.

Today, I have to mow the lawn.

God, I pray to feel your presence in the roar of the mower as much as I feel it in the quiet of the earth.

2 thoughts on “God in the Dirt

  1. Robin- I was never much of a gardener…but you make me want to get down in the dirt….it actually sounds wonderful to be able to make something beautiful grow. Wish I had somewhere to plant some seeds and get down and dirty….unfortunately apartment life is not very amenable to that….

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