What Does God Want?

I have been reading about protests against high taxation planned for April 15–and charges that President Obama is leading us into socialism. People are entitled to their political views. dollar-sign

But, as a pastor and theologian, I must raise up God’s call for us to live in community, to share with each other so that all not only survive but have the opportunity to thrive. The early Christians, those closest to the spirit of Jesus, shared all things in common, so that no one would go hungry.

American free enterprise has many wonderful aspects, and has led to good things for many, but it is not biblical. Indeed, the biblical injunctions for us to live in harmony with God and one another are in constant tension with the ideals of capitalism.

I am learning about Islamic injunctions against charging interest and it appears to me that this ideal may be closer to God’s plan as revealed in the Bible than our current system.  

Let us not confuse what serves our self-interest with what God wants of us. The two are not always and necessarily the same.