Did Neighbors Bring in Casseroles?

Holy Saturday.

What do you suppose Mary and Mary Magdalene, and Simon Peter, John, and the rest of the extended Jesus family were doing today?

Did they go about their regular chores? Or maybe decide to lose themselves in a long-delayed home improvement project? Did they sit at home, behind closed doors, feeling sad and even sorry for themselves? Did they try to find an escape, maybe going for a walk, or watching a lot of television? Did they begin the second-guessing–if he had been more careful, he’d still be alive today. 

people-mourningDid neighbors bring in casseroles? Or put flowers where he died?

We of course know what it is come. Jesus’ extended family and their friends did not. They only knew death.

This is a day to ask ourselves, in the light and the darkness of yesterday’s death, what am I doing, not only today but with my life? Based on what I know of God’s amazing love, who am I becoming?