One Day to Live

A friend of mine once asked, “Why do they call it “Holy Thursday” and “Good Friday? What’s holy about the Thursday–it seems obvious he knew he was going to die–and what is possibly good about the Friday when he died?”

Perhaps Thursday–let’s deal with Friday tomorrow– is holy because it was Passover–as it is again this year. Perhaps it is holy because the band of followers gathered together, and it is always a holy occasion when friends gather in the name of God.last-supper-by-tintoretto-c-15931

Or maybe it is that in the face of death, all life is holy. Jesus knew what was coming and in that moment life became very precious. Instead of one month to live, he had one day.

Tonight, worshippers will gather–in our church, we’ll share a meal, then communion and footwashing–in order to love and serve not only our Lord but also one another.

jesus-washing-feetIt seems like the least we can do.