The Day After

Yesterday, we celebrated Palm Sunday, marking Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

But we often fail to note that after this, “as it was already late,” he and his companions went to Bethany. They spent the night there.  The next day, he returned to Jerusalem.

What did they talk about that night in Bethany? Were Jesus’ companions full of the glory of the procession to the temple? Were they planning which offices they would have when he became King–whose office would be closest, whose the biggest?

The next day, today, Monday for us, they headed back to Jerusalem. In Mark’s gospel (chapter 11), Jesus curses a fig tree on the way (he is hungry and it has no fruit), and then, arriving again at the temple, he drives out the money changers and others who defile its sacred precincts. balze-jesus-chasing-merchants-from-temple

What do you suppose the companions talked about then? Were they hearing the rumors that the authorities were plotting to kill him? Were they still measuring the drapes for their new offices, or beginning to wonder if they wanted to be at his side?

When Jesus takes you somewhere you may not want to go, what do you do?