To Tell the Truth

I love Facebook. I love YouTube. I haven’t checked out MySpace or Twitter yet, but I imagine I will be intrigued by them, too.

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook, but when I do I connect with friends, and I even learn things about the world. 

This morning, I checked out a YouTube video a friend posted on Facebook. It was an excerpt from The West Wing, where President Bartlett shows off his brilliance and his openness.

Entitled “The Bible Lesson,” he addresses a visiting advice show host about her negativity about homosexuality. The excerpt reminds me why I loved Jed Bartlett so much–he speaks his mind.  Most of the time I agreed with him, but even when I didn’t I still liked him for telling his truth.

I think you’ll like this excerpt. He sure tells the truth. Would that all our leaders would do so.

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