Shall We Dance?

david-dancing-before-the-lordLast week, during one worship service at the Leadership Conference for The Fellowship and MCC in Charlotte, I felt my right leg began to move one way while the rest of my body was moving another. Another time, I felt my whole body begin to rise.

Whoa! I’m an Anglican by birth and seminary training, one of God’s frozen chosen.  This isn’t supposed to happen to a WASP like me.

But it did. And I am glad, indeed blessed.

Worship is not a head trip alone, despite years of Protestant rationalist training. Sure, the intellect is involved, but it is not the whole story.

Worship is embodied praise of God.

So, I feel more liberated all the time, by my experience in Charlotte and by the worshipful movement happening at MCC Richmond.

God is found everywhere in us: in the head, yes, and in the soul, in the arms and legs and hands, in shouts and murmurs, in silence, in all the organs of the body, too. May we learn to celebrate it all, the all of God, as David did long ago (2 Samuel 16).

Bring it on!