Ms. Mason 2009

20090220__homecomingdragqueen1_viewerI watched the Oscars last night.

I had not watched in years, and I am glad I chose to watch this year, especially to see Kate Winslet and Sean Penn win. I am grateful for his full-throated support for equality.

But it is the news that Reann Ballslee, aka Ryan Allen, is the new Ms. Mason 2009 that really thrills me.  George Mason University chose this “boy in a dress” as its latest Homecoming……Queen. 

S/he won the most votes on campus, and apparently her talent entry–dressed in zebra-print pants and lip-synching Britney Spears (yes, Britney Spears)–was well-received, too.  What is even better is that Reann…er Ryan…grew up in Goochland County (real Virginia hinterlands), is gay, and performs at clubs in the region.

Queen Reann says, “It says a lot about the campus that only do we have diversity but we celebrate it.”

She describes herself as “sassy…an entertainer….not afraid to do a high kick if that’s what it takes.”

You go, grrrl!