Like Biting into a Warm Brownie

          Soon, I will join a group of ever-hopeful LGBT folks, and their friends, families, and allies. We will gather at the Library of Virginia for Equality Virginia Lobby Day. We will greet one another, and give each other courage and joy to visit our legislators–asking them, nicely and insistently, to vote for justice.

     Some of them will say ‘yes.” Others ‘no.’ Still others will evade.

     Eventually, perhaps not this year, but eventually, a majority will say ‘yes.’ And many will look back and say, “What took so long?’

     As Dr. King said, ‘the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.’

     We help the bending as we struggle to achieve  justice, here and all around the world–and certainly not just LGBT folks but hungry people, HIV/AIDS people, displaced people, jobless people, African peoples, and so many more.

     Most people don’t  like to think about struggling for justice. It is hard work, and marked often by disappointment.

     But, oh, the sweet joy when the world changes….even a little bit. You can feel it. You can taste it.

     It is like biting into a warm brownie, like sharing a tender or ecstatic moment with a lover, like feeling the sun’s warmth after a cold winter.

     This may not be the moment, but it is coming. Even the anticipation feels good. I can taste it and smell it and feel it.

     Let us rejoice: justice is coming!

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